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If there was a way you could be treated like a celebrity or even royalty, wouldn’t you want it?

Imagine how good (and how much fun) it would feel to be treated like a VIP wherever you go...

From the best seats in the house to hotel upgrades and preferential treatment – these are just a few examples of the privileges some Elite Titles customers have enjoyed, simply because they have a Title in their name.

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WHO Else Wants This Exclusive Service?

You can buy a genuine, unique title for yourself, or as an unusual gift for someone you love.

That's right. You too can be "Lord", "Lady" or another such title from the 15 available. Simply choose between a Seated and Non-Seated Title, and you’ll discover a professional, legal, affordable way to enhance your social status.

1. Non-Seated Titles last a lifetime, are non-inheritable and cost just £195.

2. Seated Titles cost £995, are inheritable and include a small parcel of land in Dartmouth.

Now isn’t that a small price to pay for all the privileges and benefits you could receive for the rest of your life!

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Discover an Affordable Way to Join the Privileged Few

Now you're probably wondering if a title really could change your lifestyle and enhance your status. In fact, it’s one of the most frequently asked questions we receive. And whilst we can’t guarantee special privileges, we can give you an idea of what others have enjoyed. Here’s a small snapshot of what customers, just like you, have experienced since they bought their presumed title from Elite Titles.

One client reported enjoying outstanding hospitality at a sporting venue he’d been trying to attend for years. It seems the Title of his correspondence had “opened the door” for him.

Count B. enjoyed flight upgrades on a return trip from Georgia. He was told "We rarely get Royalty through Atlanta Sir", "There are a lot of noisy passengers at the back today so I am going to upgrade you, have a nice day."

Another client bought a seated title for her and her husband as an anniversary present. On a trip to the Far East, they received an upgrade to a suite as well as outstanding service.

How this Life-Changing Title IS Legal

The title service we provide is possible by using a legally recognised "Deed" (written in English).

Under International and English Law: "You have the right to call yourself, and be known as anything you like" - provided there’s no fraudulent intention in the process of any such changes to a person's identity.

It means that once you’ve received your official documentation to confirm your new Title, you can immediately add it to all your personal documentation including your passport, driving license, payment cards etc...

You are just days away from enjoying VIP treatment for life

Elite Titles makes the process from enquiry to purchase the most exceptional in the business. We’ll do our best to make you feel like royalty from the first time we speak. Plus, we can even rush your new official title to you in as little as three days.

So if you're ready to have fun, change your life and join the elite few, simply buy your Title here or call us now on 01626 572123.

Your new VIP lifestyle is waiting for you. But hurry. Because the demand for titles has increased dramatically, availability is on a strictly first come, first served basis. You need to be aware that there are a finite number of titles we can supply. That’s because customers have exclusive rights to their name and title meaning there is never any duplication.

So to avoid disappointment and reserve your chosen title whilst it’s still available, call us now on 01626 572123 or click here to order online.

We look forward to serving you.

Elite Titles guarantee satisfaction - We guarantee you will be able to adopt a Title under present legislation and use such Title for show purposes, or we will REFUND YOUR MONEY in full.

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Elite Title client testimonials

Here is some of what our hundreds of customers say…

"Greetings Andrew! Just wanted to take the opportunity of e-mailing you just to keep you posted on what's happening! 3 years down the line the Lord Title is still proving great fun! To finish the title off I found the perfect car number plate … Thank you again for everything you did back in February & June of 2002 ! Best wishes again."
B. (Lord) - July 2007 - GB
"Hi there, I think you might like to follow our latest trip to Georgia. Upgrades are the best part of the title. Gatwick, On the courtesy buggie. "Just a couple of security questions my lord". Referring to my travelling with a Claymore. It was delivered. Before the title I lost a nail file!! Booking the return journey. " We rarely get Royalty through Atlanta Sir", "There are a lot of noisy passengers at the back today I am going to upgrade you, have a nice day!" Good stuff."
Count B. - May 2006 - UK
"FANTASTIC!" That is a basic description of the service and quality provided by Elite Titles, I can't believe the speed of delivery and the sheer Quality of documents provided, something that I would expect to pay more for! The reaction of those in person and over the phone when they see your title is surreal and it's unbelievable how well you are treated! A Massive thank you goes out to Andrew for his excellent customer service as if it wasn't for him I would still own a coffee stained Deed. Once again thank you for your outstanding service!"
Sir RW - August 2005 - UK

You are only a few days from enjoying the sensational V.I.P treatment for life.

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