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Lord and Lady of the Manor titles

Lord and Lady of the Manor titles are highly sought after and very desirable.

These prestigious titles stem back to the Battle of Hastings when William The Conqueror, the new King of England, created around 13,418 'manors' (or areas of land administration) across the country.

William appointed a local 'Lord of the Manor' (or tenant-in-chief). This landed individual was charged with governing the land and collecting taxes for the king from the tenant farmers who paid their lord rent. As such, this title has a rich association with ownership and status.

How to become Lord or Lady of the Manor

This title requires a three-step process – and we handle every stage on your behalf.

1. Take ownership of your 'manor'
Firstly, we legally transfer a small plot of land (your 'manor') to you under the strict rules of Her Majesty's Land Registry and the Deed of Conveyance is drawn up. As such, your ownership of this 'manor' is assured.

As the proud new owner of this plot you're able to name it as you wish. For example, you may choose to call it 'The Manor of Someplace'.

2. You become a Lord or a Lady
Next, we'll organise personal Lord or Lady titles. Again, this is a legal process. Once you have your papers you can use your titles in everyday situations and on all your personal and legal documents.

3. Create your new title
Once the land transfer and title change are combined, you become 'Lord and Lady [your name], Lord and Lady of the Manor of Someplace'.


Along with your Manorial Certificate, showing your new manorial status, HM Land Registry Title Information Document, detailing ownership of your manor land, your personal Title Deed, confirming your change of title  - you  will also receive a Deed of Conveyance.  This document confirms that you have purchased, and are now the owner, of the Manorial Titles Lord and/or Lady of the Manor of Your-Manor-Name.

Passport (UK). 

NB. Passport contents and procedures may differ in countries other than the UK. When changing your passport, to include your new title of Lord or Lady, and along with the other documents required by them, the Deed of Conveyance most also be sent to them along with a covering letter (a draft of which we supply) asking them to include your Manorial Status within your passport.  This is an 'Observation' which states: 'The Holder is Lord/Lady of the Manor of Your-Manor-Name'.  This Observation does not differ in any way from that included with the purchase of an ancient and historical manorial lordship - a lordship that may have cost tens of thousands of pounds.

Moreover, should your manorial title be questioned at any time then this observation, shown within your passport, will confirm its authenticity as clearly, the UK Passport Office would not enter anything upon a British passport that was not truthful and accurate.

Investment Potential

We hope you will have a lot of fun and enjoy your new Manorial Lordship and the status the titles of Lord / Lady of the Manor will undoubtedly bring.

However, in today's society, money and financial matters are never too far away and so these things must also to be taken in to consideration. And here is where a Manorial Lordship, purchased from us, offers truly fantastic long-term investment potential..... and here is how.....

The transfer of ownership of an ancient and historical manorial lordship is done by way of a conveyance.  The conveyance confirms the transfer of ownership of the lordship from say Mr A to Mr B.  Should Mr B decide to sell the lordship then he in turn drafts another conveyance - this time from himself, Mr B to Mr C his purchaser - and so on and so forth.

Thus it is that a conveyance, or string of conveyances, establishing ownership, may go back many, many years and indeed, under the law a conveyance, or string of conveyances, must go back at least fifteen years in order to establish good and solid proof of ownership of any ancient and historical manorial lordship.

This being so, then, in fifteen years time, the owner of a Manorial Lordship, purchased from us, will be in possession of a conveyance that is fifteen years old and therefore a conveyance that would be indistinguishable from that used to convey ownership of an ancient and historical manorial lordship.

Thus, the lordship might be sold in just the same way as any ancient and historical manorial lordship, that is to say by the drafting of another conveyance, by you or your solicitor, transferring ownership of the lordship from you to your purchaser. This gives the opportunity and indeed, the potential of generating considerable more monies than that initially paid for the lordship from us - more especially if your Manor has a well known and prestigious name.

In summary a Manorial Lordship purchased from us offers truly fantastic long term investment potential  - and please remember that you can purchase as many Lord of the Manor titles from us as you wish  - all with the potential of a truly remarkable long-term return on your investment. 

Invest in your new title today

For an easy flat fee of just £1495, you (or a loved one) can enjoy this new and exciting way to become a 'Lord and Lady of the Manor'.

To get started, simply order your new title online. Once your application has been carefully processed, we'll send you a set of beautiful documents along with all the information you need to start enjoying your new status.

Important note. Lord and Lady of the Manor titles offered by Elite Titles are NOT ancient and historical lordships, but are instead newly created and personal to you alone. To understand the difference (and why we choose not to offer so-called genuine manorial titles), please CLICK HERE.


Q. Are the 'Lord of the Manor' titles you facilitate ancient and historic?
A. No - the Lord of the Manor titles we facilitate are not ancient and historic, but are newly created by the transfer of the land plot to you and by the facilitation of your personal title of Lord and/or Lady.


Q. Do you supply any documentary history with the titles?
A. No. As these titles are newly created they have no history per se.


Q. Are the Lord of the Manor titles you facilitate registered at HM Land Registry?
A. No - following the Land Registry Act, 2002 no manorial titles – irrespective of age, provenance, or price paid – can be so registered at the Land Registry. Source: www.gov.uk

That said, your land plot (or 'manor') IS legally transferred to you and is therefore registered with the Land Registry.

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