Lord Titles and Lady Titles

Lord Titles and Lady Titles

Lord Titles & Lady Titles

Since 1998, the titles Lord and Lady have been our "bestseller" – simply because they are so recognisable.

The Titles Lord and Lady are steeped in rich English heritage and tradition. And when you hear them, images of wealth, privilege and elite status springs to mind.


Lord literally means, “a Ruler, a Sovereign or a Master. One possessing supreme power, a Feudal Superior and the holder of a Manor.”

Lady is the female equivalent. It can be used by an unmarried woman in her own right, or by the wife of a man with the title: Lord, Baron or Sir.

And whilst Lordships and Ladyships have been around for centuries, the title has been given a modern edge thanks to popular TV shows such as ITV’s Downton Abbey and Lord Sugar’s “The Apprentice”.

Here’s how you too can become a lord or Lady

If you’d like to become a Lord or Lady for show purposes, you can buy a legal, professional, “presumed” title from Elite Titles.

As a reminder, a presumed title is NOT the same as a “title of nobility”. The latter is either inherited or bestowed on an individual by the monarch. So whilst we can’t provide you a way to buy a seat in the House of Lords, we can offer an opportunity to have some fun.

Plus, you may enjoy a little VIP treatment and special privileges as a result of your new name – just like other Elite Title’s clients have.

“Greetings Andrew! Just wanted to take the opportunity of e-mailing you just to keep you posted on what's happening! 3 years down the line the Lord Title is still proving great fun! To finish the title off I found the perfect car number plate… Thank you again for everything you did back in February & June of 2002! Best wishes again."
B. (Lord) - July 2007 – GB

“The (Seated) title has been a great investment, and well worth the cost, I have used it in business and in my travels.”
Lord W - May 2009

To become a Lord or Lady for show purchases, simply buy your presumed Title TODAY.

It’s easy to get started. First, choose between a Seated and a Non-Seated Title and then order online. Once we’ve processed your application, we’ll send you a beautiful document pack along with all the information you need to start using and enjoying your new title.

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