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Introducing Seated Titles
An Unusual Way To Enhance Your Social Status

We're living in a celebrity culture. Fame is celebrated and the privileged few receive preferential treatment and VIP benefits.

It's a closed circle that's only accessible to the nobility, the rich and the famous.

But now there's a way you too could raise your social status and even enjoy a taste of the high life – simply purchase a Seated Title from Elite Titles.

This premium service includes a presumed title of your choice PLUS an associated piece of land located in Dartmouth. What's more this opportunity is exclusively offered by Elite Titles and costs just £995. It's the perfect way to become a Lord / Lady of a place name of your choice and achieve your own "celebrity" status.

Become a Lord, Lady or Baron of your favourite town

Just imagine the fun you and your partner could have as Lord & Lady Smith of Dartmouth (or any other place name of your choice).

Our Seated Titles offer a legal, legitimate way to raise your social status by becoming a titled landowner for show purposes. What's more, because they are customizable, they make a unique and unusual gift that can be given to commemorate a special occasion such as a wedding, birthday or anniversary.

To get started all you need to do is combine your preferred English title with your chosen place name – and we'll do the rest.

And there's lots of choice.

  • You can pick between 15 different title options including Lord & Lady, Baron & Baroness or Duke & Duchess.
  • And you're free to decide whatever place name you'd like to reside over. You could choose Dartmouth but you may prefer a location with a meaning. Perhaps the place you were born, where you met your partner or even your favourite part of the UK.

What's more, as part of your purchase, you'll receive a documentation pack that includes a stunning Certificate of Title which is perfect for framing and proof of your new social status.

Raise your social status by owning a piece of historic Dartmouth

Buy a Seated Title and not only will you be able to legally call yourself Lord or Lady (or whatever title you've chosen from the options available), you'll also become a landowner in the historic town of Dartmouth in South West England. That's because your Seated Title includes the purchase of a small land parcel (20cm x 20cm - approximately 8 inches x 8 inches) in Dartmouth from the estate of Lord Andrew Bulpin of Copythorne and Dartmouth.

What better place to own land than this historic town with its rich naval tradition and important royal connections. For example did you know the Queen first met Prince Philip in Dartmouth?

Just imagine the fun and conversations you could have – and all because of your title and land ownership!

Raise your social status today

Now whilst your Seated Title isn't the same as a title of nobility bestowed by the Queen, it does offer a fun, inexpensive way to dapple with upper class lifestyle and enhance your perceived social status. And you never know, with your new social status, you too could enjoy the prestige and privileges usually reserved for the elite few.

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