Sir Titles, Dame and Lady Titles

Dame and Sir Titles

Are you thinking of becoming a “sir” or a “dame”?

To help, here are some quick definitions that explain the meaning of these highly recognisable titles:

Sir: A title of honour for a knight that originates from the Old French word “sieur”.

Dame or Lady: The female equivalent of the title “sir” that can be used by a woman in her own right.

In the UK, the titles “sir” and “dame” are closely associated with the New Year’s Honours and the Queen’s Birthday Honours lists. This highly prestigious occasion happens when the British monarch awards knighthoods to extraordinary subjects, in recognition of their great achievement or outstanding service. .

Therefore, if you choose the title of sir (dame or lady if you’re female), you’ll be in good company. That’s because modern-day knights and dames include a number of highly esteemed sportsmen and women, as well as numerous, super successful individuals from TV, media and other walks of life.

I’m sure you’re familiar with people such as:

  • Sir Chris Hoy - the UK’s most successful Olympian
  • Sir Bradley Wiggins - the first British man to win the gruelling Tour de France
  • Sir Elton John - Music legend and performer
  • Sir Richard Branson - Entrepreneur and adventurer
  • Much-loved actors and actresses - including Dame Judi Dench, Dame Maggi Smith and Sir Michael Caine.

Who else wants to become a sir or a dame?

Whilst we can’t sell you a knighthood, if you’d like to become a sir or a dame for show purposes, Elite Titles makes it easy...

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Sir R - UK (October 2013)

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And whilst your new Elite Title won’t get you a one-to-one encounter with the Queen or a mention in her Honours List, it does offer an easy way to raise your social status, have some fun and perhaps even enjoy a little preferential treatment of your own.

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