Viscount and Viscountess Titles

Viscount and Viscountess Titles

Popular with single men, the title viscount ranks between an earl and a baron. In the UK, it is also customary to use viscount as a “courtesy title” for the heir of an earl or a marquis.

Famous viscounts include the Queen’s nephew, Viscount Linley as well as other strong characters in history such as naval commander, Admiral Horatio Nelson and World War 2 hero, Field Marshal Montgomery.

Famous viscountesses include Lady Nancy Astor – the first woman to sit as an MP in the House of Commons.

These definitions help explain the origin and meaning of these titles:

Viscount: originates from the Old French viscounte. The word has been used in English since 1387 and it was first recorded as a rank in British nobility a little later in 1440.

Viscountess: The wife of a man who is a viscount can use this title.

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