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Over the years, we've lost count of the number of times we've been asked about ancient and historical Manorial Lordships.

If you have an interest in English titles, you'll likely be aware that these prestigious titles can sell for hundreds, sometimes even thousands of pounds.

Whilst we offer a wide range of alternatives, we've refrained from providing these historical manorial titles – simply because we've been unable to answer two fundamental questions:

  • Is the Manorial Lordship offered for sale 'real'
  • If it is real, does the seller actually own it?

After extensive research, we've concluded that we can't confidently answer 'yes' to either of these questions.

Let me explain why…

Historical 'Lord of the Manor' titles are more complex than you think.

Manorial Lordships were created following the Norman Invasion of 1066.

William the Conqueror created around 13,418 'manors' (or areas of land administration), which the local 'Lord of the Manor' governed. The Lord of the Manor sublet this land to tenant farmers who paid the Lord rent. In turn, the Lord paid taxes to the King.

Here's where it gets interesting…

A 'manor' did not consist of land alone.

Instead, it was composed of four individual elements – each separate from the other.

  • Firstly, there was the manorial land.
  • Secondly, the land rights held by the Lord over his manorial lands (rights such as hunting, fishing and mining rights).
  • Thirdly, the manorial documents or manorial records.
  • Finally, the manorial title itself – i.e. 'Lord and Lady of the Manor' or the Manorial Lordship.

So returning to our two fundamental questions, for us to feel confident that a historical manorial title is valid, we'd need to feel confident that all four elements remain intact.

And our research discovered this is rarely the case…

For example, the manorial lands may well have long since been sold off. This means the manorial land rights, held over that land are null and void.

Likewise, the manorial records (which no longer have any legal significance) could have been:

  • Lost
  • Destroyed
  • Handed over to the Manorial Documents Register where manorial documents are stored.

This often means the only part of an ancient and historical manor that still exists today is the Lordship itself – or the titles 'Lord and Lady of the Manor'.

We've been suspiciously thorough about manorial titles – so you can confidently purchase.

Similarly, it's equally challenging to determine whether the seller actually owns the manorial title.

That's because the only way a seller can prove a Lordship is real and legitimately owned is by providing comprehensive manorial documents. What's more, these documents must relate to the titles themselves (not the manorial lands – these are separate) and must extend back many, many years.

Which leads to the question… Is it possible that such documents survived the ravages of time?

Probably not… Which helps explains why sellers frequently rely on the production of a Statutory Declaration in order to 'prove' ownership.

And, whilst such a Statutory Declaration is acceptable under the law, we could not, in all conscience, try to sell something that we were not 100% sure was genuine and above board.

Even more so when you discover that anyone can make a Statutory Declaration. And because a solicitor will witness its signing for a fiver, I feel we are well justified in being suspicious when a Statutory Declaration is used to prove ownership of a manorial lordship.

  • N.B. The use of a Statutory Declaration to prove ownership of any particular lordship is very involved. So instead of discussing at length, if you'd like to know more I suggest you read this in-depth article written by an expert in the field – Robert D Farmer. It's reproduced here with his kind permission.

We're sure most sellers of manorial lordships are honest and genuine. But because we could never find a manorial lordship without such a declaration somewhere in past records, we simply refuse to deal in existing ancient and historical manorial titles.

What do you get if you pay £0000s for a 'genuine' manorial lordship?

One more thing…

Let's play devil's advocate – just for a moment.

Putting aside our doubts and fears about Statutory Declarations, what does the purchaser of a 'genuine' manorial lordship actually receive in return for his large wad of cash?

To explain, let us look at a fictional example. We'll call the purchaser Mr Joseph Isaiah Field. He recently purchased 'The Manor of Anytown' for an eye watering £200,000.

Let's break it down…

Firstly, Joseph's personal title of 'Mr' remains exactly the same. The only difference is he can now call himself 'Mr Joseph Field, Lord of the Manor of Anytown'.

Significantly, he cannot call himself 'Lord Field'.

In short, he can't use the personal title of 'Lord' on any legal or personal documents. He might put 'Mr Joseph Isaiah Field, Lord of the Manor of Anytown', but this doesn't have quite the same ring as Lord Field.

Is that title really worth a four, five, even six-figure payment?

Especially when you consider there's a far cheaper alternative…

Introducing Lord and Lady of the Manor titles from Elite Titles

As a result of our deep reservations about historical manorial titles, we've formulated a new and exciting way for you (or your loved ones) to become a 'Lord and Lady of the Manor'.

To reiterate, this title service is different to the ancient and historical Manorial Lordships offered by other companies. That's because the title is newly created and therefore has no history per se.

Here's how the title is constructed – as you'll see it's 'real' and 'legally yours'.

A 'Lord and Lady of the Manor' title purchased from us comes with two assets:

  • Your own manor (or small land plot) with ownership guaranteed by the government) for you can name as you wish.
  • A legal change of title from Mr to Lord and Mrs to Lady.

Once combined, you legally become Lord and Lady of the Manor of [your chosen name]. All this for a one-off, no extras charged fee of £1495.

As you can see, if it's the ability to legitimately call yourself 'Lord or Lady of the Manor', the Elite Titles' alternative is far more versatile and cost-effective than a 'genuine' alternative.

So if you're ready to join the newly titled elite, simply CLICK HERE to find out more.

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