A cream tea, a Morgan Sports Car, or a game of bowls on the village green perhaps – all pretty unique to our wonderful country!  Many would in fact go a step further and say the are “Quintessentially English” and I agree with them.  A recent client was looking for something to present as a gift and decided upon a Seated Title, despite being a little nervous as to how well received it would be!

We prepared the documents and sent it all off – with fingers crossed for our client.  The big night came and the response could not have been better…

Just wanted to thank you for organising this gift. I love that you dated the Certificate (for the party date)! Such a nice idea.

And xxx and xxx loved the gift. They thought it quintessentially English, a great memory of their 15 years in the UK and something that would be a hit in America.

Good luck with your business.

May be you have something coming up that needs a really special gift? If you do we may just be able to help with something Quintessentially English!

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