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I was asked this today by a very excited enquirer! She had just found our website and was keen to know what the Title she could have as the wife of a Sir.   It seems her husband has been going on about how he was her knight in shining armour for longer than she cared to remember!!

In fact the Title of Lady can be used as a courtesy Title in many situations.  Baron is another example where his wife could take the Title of Lady.  Baroness is a Title in it’s own right and not dependent on the recipient being married to anyone, let alone a Baron!  Similarly, Dame is a female Title that is independent of any Title that her husband (if married) may have.

Needless to say our enquirer took advantage of the offer we have for a pair of Titles which in effect gave her 50% of her Title as she was buying her husband a last minute Chritsmas gift.

Christmas is just a week away and many folk are thinking of the holidays already.  Came across this on Youtube which is about a magic piano – I thought it was festive and fun, enjoy!

Video Not available – sorry.

In case I don’t get to post next week have a Merry Christmas!


You can read more in the Sir Title section of our website.

Note: Dame can be used by a lady – married or not, and in her own right.  If married, her husband remains “Mr”.

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