Posted in February 2014…

What a lovely story making the world news this last day or so.

Russian model and millionairess, Olga Roh, has bought Inchdrewer Castle near Banff, Aberdeenshire in Scotland which comes with the Titles of Baron and Baroness.  The 43 year old, who you may have seen on the “Meet the Russians” TV show, says she is going to restore it to a family home and small hotel.  What a great place to get away from it all – I  love Scotland, especially the Western Isles.

She is lucky enough to have the Title of Princess too, from her father’s side in Russia!  Oh dear.. Decisions, decisions…. Princess or Baroness: which shall I use today!

Her husband joins in the fun too – he takes the Title “Baron of Inchdrewer”.

Not got £400k for a Title? Well you could consider one of our Seated Titles for just £995 – no castle ruins but a 20cm x 20cm plot of land in the beautiful southwest of England!  That will leave you £399,005 to buy a house somewhere…

You can read more on Google – Search term: Olga Roh buys Baroness Title

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