You don’t need to buy a Title to own land in Dartmouth now that we have launched our brand new website –! You can buy a small piece of land (20cm x 20cm / 8ins x 8ins) from the same estate that we use for our Elite Title (Seated and Lord of the Manor) services that will give you a real and lasting link with this amazing, historic port on the south coast of Devon.

Perhaps you want to give someone a truly unusual gift, or see yourself as a land owner here? It is a lovely town, rich in history which many travel from around the World to see and enjoy first hand.

Canon at Bayards Cove, Dartmouth
Bayards Cove, Dartmouth, UK

On the new website you can read about:

  • The Pilgrim Fathers and how they came to visit the town one August day in 1620…
  • The TV shows that have marvelled at the amazing locations…

And there will be more great items of interest added as the town moves towards the Mayflower 400 celebrations in 2020!

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