Why would you buy a Title?

Why do most of us leave our Christmas shopping until the last few days? Perhaps it is to get in the festive spirit, or maybe hope for some “pre-Christmas” sales. Who knows. On the flipside I am sure we all know a few folk who buy all their cards in the January sales ready for 11 months’ time – if I did that I’d worry about remembering where I put them…

Here is an interesting question I was asked recently: “Why would you buy a Title?”

We have been offering our Title services for nearly 20 years now and I bet there are hundreds of reasons people have chosen to buy one and become an Elite Titles’ client. Possibly the number 1 reason is to have some fun, which let’s face it, is what life is all about. Seeing their Title on their documents and accounts is one thing but seeing the reaction of those they are presented to is another! You only have to look down through our Testimonials page to see what folk say.

Here’s a fine example from Viscount L:

“When I call for customer service, they do give me some special respect – which is such an amazing happening. Now I’ve changed all my bank, personal details and some of official documents without any problem – no more worries on it ha ha.”

And one from Sir M when travelling:

“I forgot to tell you, when coming home from Thailand – Bangkok to London, July, they upgraded my seat to first class at no extra charge, I really was treated like…. Sir M.”

Lord W uses his for business and pleasure…

“The (Seated) title has been a great investment, and well worth the cost, I have used it in business and in my travels.”

Lord B has a matching car number plate too!

“Just wanted to take the opportunity of e-mailing you just to keep you posted on whats happening! 3 years down the line the Lord Title is still proving great fun! To finish the title off I found the perfect car number plate … Thank you again for everything you did back in February & June of 2002 !”

And finally L. thought a Title would be a great Christmas gift:

“Thank you so much for your impressive service. I found your company to be extremely efficient. I purchased the titles of Lord and Lady for my husband and I as a Christmas gift and am now counting the days until I can present it to him, I have no doubt he will love it. After all what do you buy or the man who has everything?”

Do you need any more reason than to have some fun?

Note: Read what one client (Countess) says about our Titles in the Daily Mail

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