At 0526hrs on May 6th, 2019 a baby boy was delivered by the Duchess. Read more

There has been much said and written in the last few days on the subject of his name and Title – which ventures some way from tradition. Could this be the start of an “as normal as possible” life for the young man who despite his father’s position will be known as Master Archie. The Earl of Dumbarton was available as a subsidiary Title (one of Harry’s), or even Lord Archie.

It is difficult to see how Master Archie can escape the limelight – he is 7th in line to the throne – over the coming years so it will be interesting to see just how his life will develop – let’s hope the media can respect any requests for privacy. There has been speculation that the Royal couple will head to Africa for a different way of life.

Whatever happens, we wish the young Royal Family a happy future.

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