Posted in August 2014..

How do you stand out in a crowd?  Well a Title can help, it certainly hasn’t hindered these 3 great people in the music business.  I guess a talent for singing, etc helped them as well!  Amazing performers with amazing careers.  There are more that I am sure you can think off as well.   It definitely catches the eye (or ear if listening on the radio) when you see them in print.

I am not going to say take an Elite Title and you’ll be “top of the pops” but it may get you noticed if that is what you want, in a crowded market place.  This applies not only to the music business but other sectors of ones life too.

How many times have I heard

“They have a Lord on the board”

when referring to businesses!….

Hope you are enjoying the hot summer weather wherever you are reading this…

See you next time!

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