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What great news for the country!  In a month or so when all we seem to be hearing about is more fighting in the Middle East or how Scotland may become independent it is refreshing to learn that the Duchess of Cambridge (and Duke!) are expecting their second child.  Congratulations.  Let’s hope everything goes smoothly.

I heard someone say that if it was a girl then Mildred would be a great name – those old enough will remember the TV series “George and Mildred”!  You can read a statement about the pregnancy here on the Prince of Wales website.

Prince Harry

Never far from the media, Prince Harry introduced by US First Lady Michelle Obama, has opened his Invictus Games in London.  What an amazing event this will be over 4 days, with over 400 injured servicemen taking part from 13 countries.  If ever there was a time you thought “I can’t do that”, then watch these heroes, and think again….

A blast from the past

I met up with an old client on Monday afternoon who bought a Seated Title from us 9 years ago.  Wow, what fun he and his wife have had both here and abroad!  They couldn’t wait to tell me masses of stories about the experiences they’ve enjoyed, especially when travelling.   He showed me his credit / debit cards and driving licence – all bearing his Title.  Needless to say he loves having a Title.

In a society where we are all meant to be equal it seems those with a Title are more equal than those without one!

Is it time you considered buying one?  Take a look at the Seated Title section of our website and then at the list of Titles for Sale for some ideas of where you might be “Lord and Lady of …..”

Contact us

If you cannot the find the answer to any question you may have on the website then please email us via the Contact Elite Titles page.  Always happy to help!

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