The entertainment industry has produced some great “names” over the years.  Many have used straightforward names for their bands or themselves but some have sought to stand out from the crowd… Here are a few that have stuck in my mind.

Lady Gaga


Queen Latifah

Kings of Leon



Duke Ellington

Count Basie

Maybe it is me, but that is quite an eclectic group of artists!  Has the Title helped me remember them – when there are thousands of other singers out there.  Who knows, but one thing is for sure they have all done very well out of their fame!

It is perhaps worth noting that Count Basie picked his at an early stage as, according to his book “Good Morning Blues”, he wanted to be part of the “jazz royalty at the time” – which also included Earl Hines and Baron Lee….

Lord, Lady, Viscount, Sir and lots more

Which will you choose….

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