Never mind where 2017 went… where did the last 20 years go?

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Our brand new website to celebrate 20 years in the business

When one sets out on a new project there is always excitement and hope that the enterprise will be sustainable and worthwhile for all concerned!  20 years on I can confirm it is sustainable and valued by our clients worldwide, many of whom have introduced their friends and colleagues to us.  Many have “upgraded” from their original Elite Title to the Seated Title (with a credit for their original purchase).  There is more recently the option of Lord of the Manor too.

If you are reading this as a client…

“Thank you for being part of our journey this last 20 years.”

You only have to look at the Testimonials page on our website to see the enjoyment a Title can bring. Who said that in today’s society we are all equal…  It still seems that those with a Title are “more equal”!!

When we started this business in 1998 the internet was in its infancy – people used to respond to adverts in the printed press for a paper brochure and our online presence / website was a “brochure site”.  If you wanted to buy a Title “online” you had to print off a form and send with a cheque! Note: that option is still available but how times have changed.

Over the last two decades we have kept up with the times and technology where at all practical, endeavouring to provide our potential clients with the best possible online experience.  There have been a number of evolutions with our website and this week we are pleased to launch our latest version so do take a look.

I hope you find something of interest there – you never know if you are still “Mr” or “Mrs” you may find inspiration to finally take the plunge and buy a Title!

All the very best for 2018.

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