Hold the front page…

You never know what you are going to read next!  Last week, specifically Tuesday 15th August, one of our clients was featured in a big article about her Title – Countess.  This was a Title we had prepared so we are over the moon to have received such amazing interest from a main stream publication here in England – The Daily Mail.  As well as being published in the printed paper, the article features on their website too. Read it HERE.  It makes for a good read and in a week when it all seemed gloomy with World events this certainly entertained the readership.


Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun with our competition over on Facebook which resulted in a highly excited winner taking aan Elite Title for her and a friend.  Follow us on Facebook to find out more.

Summer Holidays

Have you been away on a trip? If you have then I hope you had a great time.  How was the service?  One of the things that clients tell us is that as soon as the restaurant, hotel, etc is aware of their Title things improve remarkably.  In an age where “everyone is meant to be equal” it seems that some are more equal than others – which is great for our clients!  One of the questions we pose on Facebook regularly is “Which Title would you have?”  The vast majority choose Lord or Lady.  These Titles are very well known and recognised around the World for their English heritage.  If you are still thinking about taking a Title then this is something worth considering.


We have produced a short film featuring our 5 most Frequently Asked Questions so if you are still wondering about buying a Title then perhaps this will help.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions that are not answered on the FAQ page.

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