“Experiences” are all the rage now so they say.  So for Father’s Day the idea of buying your old man a pair of bright coloured socks has long gone!  That’s boring.  On the internet you will find many ideas for gift “experiences” –  a session in a racing car or a day of archery perhaps.  All these experiences have one thing in common though – they usually last from a few hours to a day, then that is it.  A few memories may remain but these will fade over time.

Elite Lord and Lady Titles - a magical present

Elite Lord and Lady Titles – a magical present

What if you could give a gift “experience” that will be remembered every time it is used – even on a daily basis?  And more importantly it will last a lifetime.

Well that is where we can help with our amazing Title services.  Don’t believe me though, take a look at the many Testimonials from our worldwide clients.

The date this year is Sunday June 21st – coincidentally the longest day of the year – so you can plan a presentation ceremony to award your Dad with his new Title.  How about Lord or Sir?  To help you we have a special offer with 20% off all our services – this can be used to buy any Title on the website (so not restricted to “fathers”!)

At the checkout just use 20% discount coupon code: FATHER

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