Didn’t they do well!

What a fantastic time Team GB had at the Olympics in Rio, coming home with a plane full of medals (67 to be exact!).  Congratulations to every single team member.

One gets taken away with all the action and suddenly you find yourself interested in sports that were off your radar previously…  The track cycling was phenomenal and surely it will be “Sir Jason Kenny” and Dame Laura Trott” in the not too distant future?  There is talk of everyone on the squad, including support staff, should be honoured in recognition of their efforts – we did beat China with a total of 27 Gold medals after all!

May be you feel that you are up to the challenge – why not have a go then?  Just go along to the “Get Inspired” page that the BBC have set up and look for events near you.  You never know you could be on the podium in Tokyo in 2020…

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