Posted October 2014…

This is an interesting question with a number of answers!  You could do something jolly good for your industry, sport or the country and you may be nominated for an “honour”.

Another option is to buy the Title of Lord, and that is something we know plenty about – we’ve been selling Titles since 1998 and have clients with Titles like Lord and Lady all over the World.  Of course our service only provides the Title of Lord (and does not get you a seat in the “House of Lords”!), but you can still have a lot of fun using the Title on a daily basis.  Just look at the Testimonials to see what you are missing…

  • NEW simplified order process!

In the last week we have made it even easier for you to take the plunge and buy the Title of your choice with a new order form and streamlined checkout process.

To celebrate the new system we are offering BLOG readers a 10% discount off ANY Title service until 31 October 2014 – just enter this CODE at the checkout to enjoy 10% discount: AZW010

Don’t forget that we offer 15 great Titles so you will find one that you like, if you fancy one that is not on the list then contact us and we will see what we can do!

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