You’ve seen the films, the TV shows and read plenty of books that feature a Lord or Lady.  Have you ever wondered if you could join the ranks with a Title and become a Lord or Lady?  If you have landed on this page then more than likely you have seen us on a “search return” or just browsed here from our website

Elite Titles, have since 1998, (it only seems like yesterday but that’s nearly 20 years!) made it very easy for anyone to acquire an English Title like Lord or Lady.  Each week we welcome new clients from all over the world.  Only yesterday we shipped to 3 different continents…

UPS handles the majority of our international despatches.

Shipping to 3 different continents this week

If you’d like to become a Lord or Lady for show purposes, you can buy a legal, professional, “presumed” title from Elite Titles.

As a reminder, a presumed title is NOT the same as a “title of nobility”. The latter is either inherited or bestowed on an individual by the monarch. So whilst we can’t provide you a way to buy a seat in the House of Lords, we can offer an opportunity to have some fun!

What are you waiting for…. buy yours now and become a Lord or Lady today!

Oh, and if you’d rather take a different Title we have 13 others to choose from… They are listed on our home page.

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