Just over 2 weeks to go until “the big day” and it is beginning to feel like Christmas. Trees everywhere and lots of outdoor decorations brightening up the neighbourhood. Of course, in GB we have a big event this week with the General Election to decide our future. No matter who you speak to there is a common theme – everyone is fed up up with all the chat about Brexit and they just want to get on with it one way or the other. We’ll see at the end of the week! It still could be months though if we do leave the EU.

Not bought all your presents yet? Don’t worry, there is still plenty of time (just) to get a Title package to you wherever you are in the World with FREE delivery.

Last dates for Christmas shipping

Decisions, decisions…. Lord or Sir, Lady or Countess…. Whatever you choose I am sure the recipient will have a lot of fun “lording it” around with their friends!

I am not sure where this year has gone? Seems like yesterday we were welcoming in the New Year. I hope it has some great memories for you and that you enjoy all the Christmas festivities that abound.

As an aside I am halfway through Season 2 of “The Crown” on Netflix and what a great show it is. Some treat it as a history lesson – no smoke without fire – as they say. Whatever you want to make of it the production and acting is top notch and highly recommended. Don’t forget the Queen’s Speech at 3pm on Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas

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