25% off your Elite Title this Black Friday weekend

25% off your Elite Title this Black Friday weekend

Every picture tells a story and the above could not be any clearer….

If you want to save up to £373.75 on a Title (Lord of the Manor) then you have until midnight on Monday 27th November to do so.

Savings on an Elite Title are great too at £48.75 off a single Title and  £74.75 off a pair of Titles.  There is £248.75 to be saved on a Seated Title as well (single or pair)!

This time of the year we notice a rise in purchases as a “Gift” for that someone special, indeed we ship globally to British expats and to those who just fancy something typically English.  And you can’t get much more English than a Title.  If you are thinking about buying for Christmas but would rather leave it until nearer the time you will miss out on this fantastic Special Offer and may be subject to the vagaries of the delivery systems (and bad weather can hamper things too).  On the Christmas Shipping page you can checkout out “Latest Order dates”, etc.

Remember, once we have despatched it is out of our control so don’t leave it until the last minute…

In the UK there was a great 3 part drama on the telly – “Gunpowder”, a story of the infamous Guy Fawkes plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament.  Boy was that a gruesome time to be living here!  If you ever wondered where the term “hung, drawn and quartered” came from just have a look at Episode 1.  It’s on the iPlayer.  There has been some great new TV programmes this Autumn and of course we love the old classics too, Downton Abbey is a favourite where there are more Lords and Ladies than you can shake a stick at! The fantastic Peaky Blinders made a return for a 4th Series on BBC2 – set around the same period as Downton Abbey it shows just how different life can be – made me laugh when the lead player (villain?) Thomas (Tommy) Shelby asked for a Knighthood!  Enjoy your viewing….

Andrew:Just received both paqckets. In their usual efforts the US Postal Service found a circuitous way to send one directly to us and the other took the grand tour making about 5 stops along the way. Needless to say, we are incredibly pleased with your service and will relish our new titles. You perform a spectacular service and I greatly appreciate the fact that you personally attend to all the correspondence and respond so quickly. This was indeed a lovely find for us and we will of course recommend your services highly to anyone who might have any interest. Respectfully
Earl and Countess – USA

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