Lord of the Manor has a lovely ring to it, doesn’t it?

You may have spotted on our website that we now offer these prestigious “Lord of the Manor” Title arrangements.   Some folk have asked us what is the difference from the other Title services you offer and why the difference in fee.  Simple, it is a Title that is definitively English which some clients are keen to own but aren’t bothered by ancient historical records!  A big bonus is that you can also have it added to your passport…

The holder is Lord of the Manor of xxx

(Where xxx is your chosen Manor name.)

As with our other Title services these are brand new and have no history with them, but in 15 years there will be some history and you could potentailly sell it for a lot more than you have paid (£1,495) today.  Intereseted?

SAVE £150

To read all about this great new Title service surf on over to our Lord of the Manor mini-website – and here’s a sweetener to tempt you… £150 off when you use Coupon Code:  MANOR150 at the checkout.  (Valid until 12th March 2016).

  • NOTE: Lady of the Manor is also available, just select it at the checkout.
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