Lord, Sir or Viscount….

I wonder whether this should go on our FAQ page as it is a question that we do get asked from time to time by chaps – usually unmarried and at various stage of the lifecycle…

“Which Title do you think will be best for me?”

I am afraid there is no straightforward answer to this one! Let’s have a look at each one.

Lord – a very popular and traditional English Title and well known around the World.  There are some great films and TV shows, Downton Abbey for example, which have featured Lords so recognition of the Title and respect for what it stands for in history is very good indeed.

If Mr John Smith were to buy one of our Titles it would read in full:

  • Elite (non-Seated): Lord John Smith. 
  • Seated Title : Lord John Smith of “placename”.

Sir – this one goes back a long way too and often talked about in history. Who hasn’t heard of Sir Lancelot and his link with the Knights of the Round Table.  Today “Sir” is seen regularly as a Title honouring sports people and entertainers.  Sir Elton John and Sir Chris Hoy to name two.

If Mr John Smith were to buy this title it would read in full:

  • Sir John Smith

Viscount – a lovely Title that is not seen very often but one that we think sounds and looks very noble!

If Mr John Smith were to buy this Title it would read in full:

  • Viscount John Smith

So there you  have it 3 great “Titles for Men”, there are others on our website. Of course you may have your own ideas and reasons as to which one you want but if you are looking for our recommendation Lord (and Lady) remain our favourite picks.  When you have made your mind up we are waiting to serve you…

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