Posted in May 2014…

It only seems like yesterday that we set out to bring Titles to folks who wanted one.  I have just checked the domain registration and we registered 16 years ago on 23 June 1998 when we decided to put our services onto the Internet – pioneers you may say.  Loads of people had not heard of the internet back then and 56kb/s was the highest speed you could get!!! We started offering the service in Summer 1997 using mail order (we still get orders through the post as some folk still prefer to send a cheque.)

17 years on and we are still serving clients worldwide and receive referrals from many of them.  During this time we have seen plenty of other “firms” offer Titles for sale but they have not stayed around very long.  We stick to what we know and do best – put a smile on our clients’ faces…. and at a great value price too.

An Unusual Way To Enhance Your Social Status – Our Seated Title service really is exclusive to us – no one else provides it – so if you want a Title totally unique to you then you have come to the right place!

Looking out of the window it is time to get out and enjoy the sunshine – you never know how long it will last in England!

All the best


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