I always smile when I type that.

We are lucky enough to have clients all over the World who have used our Elite Titles service to have a bit of fun with a new Title. We offer 15 Titles plus our exclusive Lord of the Manor service. Unsurprisingly, Lord and Lady are the most popular Titles and every year the TV / film industry produces shows that feature our rich English heritage, it just reinforces demand for them. Downton Abbey – now as a film – is a prime example.

Lord, Lady, Viscount, Sir and lots more
Which will you choose?

Of course, the “goings on” in the real World sometimes raise interest in all things English – Titles being just one example. The young Royals are hardly ever out of the press these days and interest from overseas naturally focuses on their family histories, which reveals all manner of Titles. Duke is a Royal Title but it is also the highest ranking Title outside of the Royal household.

Elite Lord and Lady Titles – a magical present

We have always had clients buying a Title for that special someone and this year is no different. It is worth mentioning it now as some folk like to get organised for Christmas… This gift will last a lifetime! So if it is a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion, a Title could be just the thing to make their day!

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