It’s the longest day of the year today (21st June) which is quickly followed by Midsummer’s Day on Sunday (24th June).  The weather is great and it seems everyone is in the mood for holidays which are fast approaching here in the UK.  Have you made plans yet? Maybe a staycation or perhaps travelling further afield to even sunnier climes!

Several years ago I purchased a title from yourselves. As you say, it is the best two hundred pounds I have ever spent. I managed to get it onto my driving licence but never made an effort to have it put onto other documentation….. my Lordship made a fantastic holiday for the children when we took them to disney… Kind regards
Lord J

Some of our clients have had a lot of fun when travelling – see above and below.

I think you might like to follow our latest trip to Georgia. Upgrades are the best part of the title. Gatwick, On the courtesy buggie. “Just a couple of security questions my lord”. Referring to my travelling with a Claymore. It was delivered. Before the title I lost a nail file!! Booking the return journey. ” We rarely get Royalty through Atlanta Sir”, “There are a lot of noisy passengers at the back today I am going to upgrade you, have a nice day!”

You can read lots more feedback on our website here.

One question we get asked from time to time is

What is the best Title to have?

This will of course come down to personal preference and aspirations but there is no doubt that some clients are influenced by major events – it is no coincidence that “Duke and Duchess” have been popular this last 4 weeks since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – the now Duke and Duchess of Sussex – tied the knot at Windsor Castle!  What a great day with superb images brodcast around the World.

I mentioned “Midsummer Madness” at the top of this post and you may wonder what I was referring to? Well, until 8am Monday morning (25th June) we are offering all our Titles with 10% discount – no code required.   It doesn’t get easier than that.

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