One of the common questions we get asked is….

“What place name can I be Lord of?”

The answer is simple…. Any place name you wish. The fact the land we use is in Dartmouth makes no difference at all. We keep a (reasonably) updated list of examples that you may wish to peruse here. Let your imagination run wild if you want though!

We have clients all over the World and many have visited the UK either on business or holiday. Once back home they stumble across our website and look to “reconnect” with their favourite place – and that often becomes their “place” when ordering a Seated Title.

Dartmouth Boat Bloat
The Boat Float in the heart of Dartmouth

Dartmouth is a stunningly beautiful riverside / harbour town with hundreds of years of history. You can get an instant feel for the place with these great pictures taken across the 4 seasons. Perhaps you will visit one day!

With the New Year a seemingly distant memory and February just around the corner, that means one thing for the lovers amongst our readers… Valentine’s Day. If you are struggling for something a little different as a gift, you could consider a Title – it will last a lifetime!

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