Most of the schools break up for the summer today or tomorrow.  Perhaps you are heading away on holiday to a sunny destination? You will have to go some to beat the fantastic weather we have been enjoying this last few weeks in the Southwest of England – 30 degrees and cloudless skies!  Travelling with a Title is for some the highlight of their break – with many clients reporting upgrades from start to finish.  Whether that is a prestige hire car or a suite in the hotel (yes we have clients who have had upgrades worth tens of thousands of pounds!) our clients love the attentive service offered by the majority – but sadly not everyone!

For some providers though, a Title will make no difference – this is usually a culture thing and there is nothing anyone can do about that.  Just remember for next time and may be choose a different location where the values of our English heritage are fondly remembered….

Happy Holidays!

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(If you are tempted by the thought of a Title here’s a helping hand – a 10% off voucher code to use at the Checkout – SUMMER2016)

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