What a great weather forecast for this weekend! It is Bank Holiday Monday too, so a very nice 3 day break for many of us here in England.

Running thoughout the week is the Regatta at Dartmouth, home to our Seated Titles. This is a great week to visit the town and watch a lot of folk messing about in boats on the river and much more besides… Full details on the Regatta website here.

We receive a number of emails about Dartmouth and the Seated Titles we have been serving clients with for around 20 years – they cannot quite believe they can be “part of the town” despite living nowhere near it! Our sister website has lots of information on the town so if this is something you are keen to investigate then here is the link to Buy A Piece Of Dartmouth. The Instagram feed is growing too, with some lovely images of the town.

Oh dear, the poor old Royals (Harry and Meghan) have been taking some stick recently and all because of their galavanting around Europe in a private jet. If they travelled on a standard civilian flight they would need so much security with them that the costs would be massive and possible disruption to other travellers would not go in their favour. The flights were “offset” which I think means a fee was paid to plant trees, etc. It all helps I suppose.

The admirable eco warrior and youngster Greta Thunberg, who is sailing to USA this week to attend / speak at a climate conference there has also had a whacking as well. To remain as low carbon a footprint as possible she is sailing the Atlantic as opposed to flying to the USA but the company which owns the yacht has to fly 2 crew to the USA to sail it home – mixed message there….

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