A belated Happy New Year!

Seems an age since the start of 2016 but it is only 3 weeks since we all enjoyed the festive season.  Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Hope you are keeping to it – if it invloves giving up chocolate I would have failed on Day 2 🙂

The weather has been depressing to say the least – rain, rain, rain and now the financial markets are having a turn for the worse too – what we need is something positive to give us all the “feelgood factor”!  Not sure where that is going to come from but let’s hope it will appear shortly.  Looking ahead to February  – it is a leap year, and that means marriage proposals can can from either side of a “courting” relationship, particularly on February 29th.  Chaps, you’ve been warned….

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Valentine’s Day

How about Valentine’s Day – have you got your surprise gifts organised for the love of your life?  We are offering a little sweetener for you in the shape of 10% discount off all out Titles!  Just use coupon code: FEB14 on the order form at the checkout.  Chocolates are great but a Title like Lord or Lady will last a lifetime!  Check out our Titles here: www.EliteTitles.co.uk

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