We offer three different titles at three different prices, let’s look at how they differ.

With the £195 Elite Title you can choose from one of 15 different titles which will last you a lifetime.  EG. Lord, Lady, Sir, etc

Our service is based on, and drawn up under Common Law so once you have chosen we will provide you with official certificates, detailing your new title.

With the £995 Seated Title you can choose from any of the titles, but you can also choose any place name to go with it. Along with your title documents you will also receive a piece of land associated with your name, which includes a formal land conveyance just like any other real estate transaction in England today. This is yours for your lifetime and can also be left to family members.

Finally the Lord of the Manor title for £1495 comes with your own small land plot for you to name as you wish, and the title Lord and Lady of the Manor, as no manor would be complete without a partner to share it with!

The documents for all our titles are drawn up by our in house legal team, and we also offer a full after sales service for any legal questions you may have.

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