I think you might like to follow our latest trip to Georgia. Upgrades are the best part of the title. Gatwick, On the courtesy buggie. “Just a couple of security questions my lord”. Referring to my travelling with a Claymore. It was delivered. Before the title I lost a nail file!! Booking the return journey. ” We rarely get Royalty through Atlanta Sir”, “There are a lot of noisy passengers at the back today I am going to upgrade you, have a nice day!”
Good stuff.
Count B.

It is always a delight to hear from our clients. As you can read above, this gentleman has had great fun when travelling – in case you are wondering, a Claymore is a two handed sword!

Hello, I purchased a Lord title (unseated) from you in 2005 and have enjoyed the privileges that go with it, thank you. Kind Regards
Lord M.

As regular readers know we offer 3 different Title services, based on your budget and desire. You will be pleased to know that all have the potential to gain you useful upgrades and service uplifts when using the Title – if the person you are dealing with chooses to respect your Title – and most do.

Hi there, thanks again for my title. It’s really good. Got great seats on flight going to oz showed the the ticket got 1st class seat cant get better than that… all the best for Christmas…
Sir RM

These two clients have received amazing service too… just a coincidence that both chose our under £200 entry level “Elite Title” service for the Title of “Sir”.

I forgot to tell you, when coming home from Thailand – Bangkok to London, July, they upgraded my seat to first class at no extra charge, I really was treated like…. Sir M.
Regards, Sir M

Back in 1998 when we started offering English Titles – not Scottish – we were amazed how well the service was received and here we are 21 years on…. From these clients’ feedback you can understand why, when it can make such a huge difference.

I have really received perfect service everywhere! Airplane bookings from budget-class to business class, hotels giving complimentary stays, and even very respectful treatment from all local and international authorities. So a great big thank you!
Lord A

There are some who say we are all the same in this day and age but it seems those with a Title are “more equal”… and these clients sum it up nicely.

I had the pleasure of purchasing my title from you some time ago and it has provided an enormous amount of fun and use ever since.”
Lord B

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